Wolf Gardens

Wolf Gardens

Wolf Gardens Wildlife Center will be home to  captive-bred wolves and wolf/dogs that have been rescued over the past 14 years through volunteer efforts. 

It will also be home to local wildlife rescued and being rehabilitated in our local area.

The Center will focus on restoring and protecting the various indigenous wildlife, native to our area, that will occupy Wolf Gardens.


Our focus will be to provide a natural habitat to promote the health and well being of the wildlife who will call Wolf Gardens home.

We will regularly conduct educational lectures, seminars and guided tours in order to enlighten all interested parties of the facts regarding the fundamentals of conservation

and preservation of our environment, both as related to wildlife as well as nature.


An integral part of our mission is to seek means to provide economic opportunities to our community through cultural, wildlife and nature based tourism and related areas. We believe that the unique experience which we will offer must be foremost in our efforts to fulfill expectations and give reason to visit our preserve.

The 27 acre Wolf Gardens Wildlife Center is located in Clay County, Alabama, which is a rural area.  The Welcome Center will have information materials, a gift shop, public restrooms and a refreshment area.  
The main feature of Wolf Gardens will be the Vet Clinic which will include over 2 acres of perimeter fencing and enclosures for all the resident animals. The Clinic will house an on-site Zoo Veterinarian, Wildlife Biologist, Head Keeper, Handler, staff members and guest instructors.  

The Cultural Center will be available for entertainment and educational events.  It will have a large meeting room, public restrooms, commercial kitchen, stage platform and a huge open area for seating or a gathering.  Three sides of the building will have oversized doors that could open for any indoor/outdoor activity.

The monetary considerations to fulfill these plans are significant. We invite you and your family to enjoy our annual Pow-Wow fund raiser.  We call upon all those who share our concern for our environment, habitat and wildlife to assist us in this quest by volunteering and/or donating to our cause. Together, we can accomplish great things, to enlighten and better our community and the world!


You can learn more about Wolf Gardens at http://wolfgardens.org

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